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CPR, and First Aid courses in Boston
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    CPRBoston.Org at Steward Carney Hospital is a training center of the American Heart Association.

    All our CPR and First Aid courses are credentialed through the American Heart Association (AHA).

    All programs are available to be offered at your organization. The CPR and First Aid programs may be provided on the same day or separately. Saturdays and Sundays are available as well days and evenings during the week.  Each program is approximately three- four hours.

    Certification cards will be provided electronically directly to the students no later than one week following the course date

    The cost for each program you choose is only $500.00 for up to fifteen attendees. There is a $25.00 fee for each attendee over fifteen participants

    There is no limit to the number of attendees at any one program. You may book multiple sessions.

    The first instructor fee and all certification cards are included in the $500.00 fee. There is a $200.00 fee for each additional instructor if needed.

    If your group has less than fifteen attendees, you will receive up to five free credits The credits may be used for up to one year at the scheduled Carney Hospital CPR and/or First Aid programs.

    Each ACLS group is $2,000.00 for up to 10 participants. For groups over 10 persons the fee is only $175.00 per additional attendee. There is no limit to the size of groups, CPRBOSTON.ORG can provide additional instructors and equipment to meet your group’s needs

    There is an additional fee of $100.00 for courses beyond route 128 highway from Boston and/or $40.00  for any necessary parking fees.

    Please us at (617) 298-0699 for any other information you might need and to schedule the program(s).